Shelter in Place: OBSTACLE or Opportunity

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and ‘Shelter in Place‘ orders, many people are finding it hard to adjust to staying at home. While there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, there also is a lot of opportunity. This might as well be a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay at home for weeks, to not be under peer pressure to go places, to not be rushing from one meeting to another, to not be chasing deadlines while getting stuck in traffic. With the ‘stay at home’ orders, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to spend time with your loved ones. It’s also an opportunity to reconnect with folks you lost touch with, in the hustle-bustle of life.

How would your thought process change if you took this situation as an opportunity to experience a different way of living? How about thinking of social distancing as an opportunity to learn how to self-sustain, instead of taking it as a deterrent to a fast lifestyle? When we engage in social distancing, it gives us more time to think, more time to focus and less distractions to going deep within ourselves. Many new ideas, new winning strategies originate when go deep inside your consciousness!

Have you ever thought how life would feel if you viewed the uncertainties as opportunities to think different, to get out of your comfort zone, to create something bigger, something better, which is not only good for you but good for everyone, good for the mankind! How about making it about the greater good, the ‘we’ instead of just ‘me’? How would that make you feel?

Take advantage of the opportunities ‘shelter in place’ offers, you might not get it again.

The 10 benefits include:

1. Quality family time
2. Catching up on sleep
3. Cooking favorite dishes
4. Organizing the home
5. Time for Decluttering
6. Picking up hobbies you didn’t have time for before
7. More Relaxing
8. New way of thinking
9. Learning something new
10. More time for relationships, more time to make babies

While the unexpected, dangerous virus has created havoc in so many parts of the globe, yet the measures we have taken as a society to avoid getting or spreading it by staying indoors has created some positive effects on the world! The pollution has declined in several cities, people have united in countries like India and nature has moved closer – dolphins have returned to the canals of Italy. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”– Maya Angelou

How many times in life do you get the opportunity to save lives just by staying home? Think about it.
We would love to hear your thoughts.

– Anita Kumari

Anita Kumari is the Founder and CEO of Happiness Factors. She believes in creating a community mindset for the benefit of all. She organizes free weekly webinars to create a positive mindset and gain emotional wellness tools.

Anita Kumari

Chief Strategist, Coach and Founder: Anita Kumari Srivastava is an award-winning poetess, coach and author of “Find Your Happy, Survivors Guide to Finding Joy In Spite of Life’s Challenges”. She has extensive high-tech background and is the Founder & Chief Strategist at HappinessFactors. Her vision is to spread emotional wellness & happiness globally by creating happy mindsets. She combines NLP, Hypnotherapy, MER, Psychology, Energy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Healthful Habits, Spirituality and more. She speaks on how to combine happiness and technology for compassionate and empathetic leaders and teams. She has MBA background and a quest for empowering both individuals and organizations to happiness, motivation and joy. She is a certified NLP, Hypnotherapy and MER practitioner and believes that happiness is everyone’s birth right. She was born in India and lives in the US. She has extensive high tech experience including Google, Western Digital, Applied Materials and startups. She earned the Community Hero Award in 2018. Her other accomplishments include radio and TV interviews, modeling, debates and plays. When life threw her a few curve balls, she decided to ace her batting skills and learnt the skills to find happiness again and get breakthroughs. Anita is an abuse survivor and has been in the field of personal growth for over a decade. She has been trained by some of the best in personal growth industry, including Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Cloe Madanes, Ken Minkus, Bo Eason, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. She loves to crew Tony’s events. In her quest to spread happiness, she conducts free Happiness workshops for the under privileged in the Silicon Valley. Her Hobbies include getting rid of at least one fear every year. She loves to walk on fire, climb mountains and strategize. Her successful speaking engagements include various Chambers of Commerce, Educational Institutions, Seminars, Technology Companies, Dale Carnegie Training, radio shows, podcasts etc. She loves to volunteer and help the less fortunate and dreams of helping poor girls in developing countries get educated and not be forced into prostitution. Her startup Happiness Factors ( empowers people and organizations to emotional wellness, happiness and fulfillment. It provides inspirational keynotes, workshops, trainings, group and individual coaching as well as happiness seminars. Her book “Find Your Happy” A Survivor’s Guide to Happiness in spite of life’s challenges is available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle versions and has changed people’s lives in across continents. You can connect with her on Youtube l FB l Twitterl Instagram


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