We are launching a campaign on Indiegogo to make our solutions available to more people globally and create happy mindsets everywhere. To learn more, click here.

To our dear contributors, we can’t thank you enough for your support! It means the world to us! You made our hearts melt and we have some outstanding perks!

For all levels of contribution – We would like to reward your generosity with 2 complimentary tickets for our webinar,“Happiness In Uncertain Times”. Claim these before they are gone.

$10K Or More – Create A Legacy

$20K value (50% off)

Have you ever wanted to create a legacy? Everyone who contributes more than $10k, gets featured in the acknowledgement page of our app. What does that mean? That means everyone who uses the app knows what a big difference you made to their emotional wellness.

Approximate Date Of Fulfillment: October 2021

$1000 – Happiness Genius 4.0 2021 Tickets & Bonuses

$2000 value (50% off)

Want to meet team HappinessFactors in person? We offer you and your loved ones complimentary tickets to Happiness Genius 4.0* 2021 – our flagship event featuring speakers who will inspire you to live a healthier, joyful life each day.

1. Autographed copy of
 book by the founder (ships within US only) or e-book
2. Cooking classes
3. Emotional Wellness Assessment

*Note: This event may be online in 2021.

Approximate Date Of Fulfillment: October 2021

$500 – Website Shout Out

$1000 value (50% off)

Do you want to be famous? For all contributions of $500 or more, their names get featured in the amazing gratitude page of our website.

Approximate Date Of Fulfillment: August 2021

$100 – Happiness Recipes

$150 value (Approximately 33% off)

$100 – Ebook- recipe book featuring tested, plant based recipes that are delicious and healthy

Would you like to be healthy and try cooking delicious food that’s also good for you? Our plant based, organic recipes are full of life, nutrition and energy to help you get happy and healthy! Bonus – Live cooking sessions towards the end of the campaign (on popular demand)!

Approximate Date Of Fulfillment: August 2021

$50 – Happiness Factors Notebook

$65 value (Approximately 23% off)

$50 – HF notebook autographed by the founder with a handwritten note and pen

Our happiness notebooks and pens will perk up your day and are intended to make you smile. The notebooks are great as journals to pour your thoughts and creative insights into.
For a contribution of $50, you will receive a notebook and pen with a handwritten note by our founder.

Approximate Date Of Fulfillment: July 2021

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Questions? Reach out to us at happy@happinessfactors.com.

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