“The way you speak to yourself matters.” – Unknown

Our anxiety coaching is for people who:

  • Feel sad, anxious, irritable or worried frequently
  • Have irregular sleep patterns
  • Experience regular fatigue or lethargy
  • Are fearful, feel the world against them and feel watched
  • Have frequent, intrusive racing thoughts of worry
  • Have irrational fears
  • Have compulsive uncontrolled behavioral patterns
  • Are unable to relax
  • Have a disproportionate fear of the unknown
  • Frequently think of imagined dangers
  • Experience inability to have a normal social life
  • Are unable to control temper or random irritability
  • Indulge in substance abuse
  • Have thoughts of harming others or oneself for no reason
  • Indulge in extreme procrastination leading to career or relationship failure

At Happiness Factors, we offer various tools, techniques, strategies to help you transform yourself and your life. We offer coaching to develop gratitude, overcome anxiety and more: worry, fear, negativity, complaining attitude and feeling lost, hopeless, or uncertain, and create happiness and fulfillment.

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1 Anxiety Coaching Session – $700
3 Anxiety Coaching Sessions – $1500
6 Anxiety Coaching Sessions – $2400
9 Anxiety Coaching Sessions – $3600
12 Anxiety Coaching Sessions – $4200

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